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This site started as my personal cloud site, which I put together while studying to become a certified pharmacy tech. After I passed the PTCB Exam, I decided to re-format and expand it, and share it here to help YOU study for the PTCB or ExCPT exam.

The site is completely free to use and there is NEVER any registration or password needed.

Table of Contents

Pharmacy Math to study for the PTCB or ExCPT.
Pharmacy Math to study and prepare for the pharmacy tech test. Including: Alligations, Conversions, IV calculations, temperature conversions and much more.

Prescription decoding. Rx / Pharmacy prescription drug order interpretation.
Prescription decoding tutorial. Interpreting abbreviations and other prescription order info to study and prepare for the pharmacy tech exam.

Pharmacy law and regulation
Basic pharmacy laws, regulations and legal information for Pharmacy Technicians to study for the PTCE Exam. Including: DEA numbers, schedule definitions, FDA guidelines, NDC numbers, and Federal Acts.

Prescription Abbreviations used in Pharmacy
Prescription abbreviations. List of the most commonly used sig code abbreviations in Pharmacy / prescriptions. Including link to roman numerals tutorial.

Dosage Forms / Routes of Administration
Drug dosage forms and descriptions. Basics about various medication routes of administration. Includes enteral, parenteral, transdermal, inhalation and more.

Basic information about: Pharmacokinetics - How the body handles drugs. Includes info on calculating Half-Life, zero order kinetics and first order kinetics.

The Top100 drugs to study for the PTCB and ExCPT exams
List of the Top 100 drugs to study for the PTCB or ExCPT exam. It's recommended to study the top 100 drugs instead of the top 200 drugs.

Top 200 drugs to study for the PTCB or ExCPT
The top 200 drugs to study for the PTCB or ExCPT exams. Includes brand name, generic name and function of each drug.

Memorize the top 200 drugs. Tips and Ideas for memorizing the top 200 drugs.
Memorizing the top 200 drugs is tough. Here are some tips and ideas for memorizing (besides flash-cards). Including a video review of the Scut Monkey Drug Manual.

Generic Drug Suffixes, Recognizing a drug by its suffix.
List of Generic Drug suffixes. Recognizing a drug name or class by Suffix makes it easier to memorize. Another helpful tip for learning the top 200 drugs.

Drug Class Definitions
Drug Class Definitions and descriptions from the Top 200 drugs. Knowing which class a drug is will help you memorize drug names.

DEA Controlled Drugs from the top 200
DEA Controlled Drugs from the top 200 drug list. DEA scheduled / controlled substances need to be reviewed to prepare for the PTCB / ExCPT exams.

Free PTCB and ExCPT practice test. Unofficial Practice Test questions
26 Free PTCB and ExCPT practice tests. Before taking the PTCB exam - practice here. Multiple choice format just like the pharmacy tech test.

Free PTCB and ExCPT practice test. Unofficial Practice Test questions
Free PTCB practice tests. 26 different pharmacy technician practice exams in multiple choice format.

Taking the Pharmacy Tech Test / PTCB exam at Pearson Vue.
Taking the Pharmacy Tech Test / PTCB Exam. What to expect and my personal experience at Pearson Vue. + Tips for taking the pharmacy tech test.

ExCPT vs PTCB, The differences between the PTCE and the ExCPT
ExCPT vs PTCB, The differences between the PTCE and the ICPT. Which pharmacy tech exam is right for you?

Pharmacy Tech Test Strategies
Pharmacy tech exam strategies. Common mistakes people make on the pharm tech test. Some strategies and what to look for while taking the PTCB and ExCPT exams. Example of how to decode word problems.

Scheduling the PTCB exam
Scheduling the PTCB exam is easy. This page goes over some basic points and links on how to schedule the pharm tech test with Pearson-Vue. Info in scheduling the ExCPT exam coming soon.

Ask a Question
A pharmacy tech forum page for friendly, success-focused discussions for pharmacy technician students to ask questions and exchange usefull information. No registration needed.

Ask a MATH question
Forum to ask Pharmacy Math Related questions. A page for friendly, success-focused discussion for Pharmacy Techs and Pharmacy Tech students to ask or answer math questions.

pharmacy math help forum
Pharmacy math question forum. Questions from pharm tech students answered by other pharmacy technicians and students. Examples are : Alligations, dilutions, algebra, ratios, IV admixture and more.

pharmacy tech wages, What do pharmacy technicians Make for wages ?
pharmacy tech salary / wages vary depending on geographical area and the type of job. Contains results of the Pharmacy Tech Wage Study completed from 2010 to 2011. Includes Hospital and retail.

Pharmacy Tech News Forum
News about the Pharmacy industry, including current trends in national certification. News headlines about pharmacy related stories and an open forum for pharm tech students to share local news.

Site Map of
A full Site Map of, which can be used as an index to find all of the free study guides. Includes links to ALL of the FREE PTCB / ExCPT practice tests and the YouTube channel.

PTCB Study Books and tools.
PTCB Study Books and preparation tools recommended to study for the PTCE or ExCPT. Also includes links to purchase flash cards, books, voice recorders and more tools to use in your studies.

Pharmacy Tech Study Blog
The pharmacy tech study Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the site. Subscribe here.

links to pharmacy tech oriented websites
Links to sites oriented toward Pharmacy Technicians. Includes the official PTCB and other sites involved in Pharmacy Technician Certification and continuing education.

Free Pharmacy Technician CE (Continuing Education)
Free pharmacy technician CE Ideas. A resource to find free Pharmacy Technician CE (continuing Education)

Pharmacy Tech Continuing Education
Pharmacy Tech Continuing Education, The general requirements for Pharmacy Technician Continuing Education, including some FREE CE ideas.

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Best online math tutor available for the lowest price. Math is ususlly the hardest part of a pharmacy technician program. Having a math tutor can ease the pain of working through algebra and more.

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